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High school

High School

The middle grades are the "make it or break it" years. We have proficient staff members who implement strategies that accelerate student learning, raise attendance rates, and increase positive behaviors in the classroom. We work collaboratively to think critically, develop cultural competence and expand academic mind set to engage in productive behaviors including setting and meeting goals, doing quality work, and seeing it through to completion by seeking support and solutions to overcome obstacles.

The high school years are a time of increasing independence and responsibility. Our primary goal at the high school at HFCS is to help our students build a foundation for success in their post-secondary education and to prepare them to pursue fulfilling lives as adults. We seek to do this by providing a learning environment in which students explore, question, evaluate, and analyze information and ideas through active participation and collaboration in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. We also ensure that the school environment provides for the cognitive, emotional, social, aesthetic and physical development of our students.