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Our labs and library have

Flexible spaces

Open lines of communication

Comprehensive storage

Positive environment

Centralized safety features

Improved durable materials

Upgraded technology

Inductive Approach to teaching learning process

Physics Lab

Physics laboratory provides a conducive working environment. It is well equipped with modern equipment and apparatus. This assists in providing first-hand experience in observation and manipulative skills that are critical in learning process of Physics Education.

Chemistry Lab

Our Chemistry lab provides workstations with individual burners and plug points for each student. The acids and other reactive chemicals are stored in separate cupboards as a precautionary measure.

Biology Lab

The role of Bio-lab and field learning becomes a key component in understanding biology.

Computer Lab

Fully furnished and well updated computer lab, well spaced and air-conditioned with individual console for each student.

Multimedia Lab

Our school provides a well furnished, spacious, air-conditioned Multimedia Lab that is dedicated towards integrating creative technology with teaching and learning process.

Smart Class

Smart boards provide an extraordinary opportunity for teachers to create a classroom environment where students with different learning styles can learn from each other. About 25 smart boards are in use with 1 common server. The upgradation is done annually. Smart boards have become a highly effective collaborative device to facilitate classroom teaching and digital learning.


The school has a well-stocked library with an impressive index of titles, covering fiction and non-fiction, periodicals, magazines, and newspapers. Students are encouraged to make full use of these facilities in order to inculcate a love for books and the habit of reading from an early age. Our school library has a vibrant role in the development of a culture that promotes wider reading, motivated readers and learners for life. It has various genres of books engaging both students as well as teachers.

Reading Room

A separate reading room for students engaging 50-60 students per hour

Counseling Room

Counseling has become an integral part of our education system. Our school provides academic, career, social and emotional competencies to the students. Both group and individual counseling is given to the students

Hygiene & Sanitation

Holy Family Convent School takes genuine steps to produce healthy school environment and to develop and support safe hygiene behaviours. Presence of school toilets, safe drinking water, clean surroundings and basic information on hygiene improves the learning abilities of children, improves health, and improves attendance, especially of the girl child, with far reaching consequence on the health of the community. The combination of adequate facilities, correct behavioral practices and education is meant to have a positive impact on the health and hygiene conditions of the community as a whole, both now and in the future.