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Admission Withdrawal

Admission Withdrawal

To withdraw the child from the school, a parent should submit a written application to the Principal, on or, before 15th March. If submitted late, first term’s fees will have to be paid in full.

TC should be collected in person by both parents along with the pupil who should sign the transfer certificate at the time of receiving it.

TC will strictly not be given in any other means.

The Transfer Certificate (TC) will be issued only if and when all the overdue payments are settled.

If a student is withdrawn in the middle of a term, the fees for the whole year must be paid.

Irregular attendance, habitual want of application to studies, disobedience, any kind of copying in the exams, or serious misbehavior even off the school campus are sufficient reasons for a student to be suspended or dismissed with the Transfer Certificate at any time of the year.